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Ellen Beeman describes herself as mom, videogame producer, author, gadget geekette, fiddler, former TV writer and city commissioner, etc. She is an expert and consultant in software production, usability, metrics, and monetization. She joined Origin to write and direct games in the Wing Commander series, and has also held salaried positions at Electronics Arts, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Gazillion, and Glu Mobile. As a freelancer, she worked for Disney, Sega, Leapfrog, and other companies.

Prior to her games career, Ellen was a television writer, and she also has published four fantasy and science fiction novels and numerous short stories. Ellen has been a speaker at the Game Developer Conference, SXSW Interactive, Login, Game Design Expo, and other game industry events. Ellen teaches game software production as a Senior Lecturer at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and is a consultant and indie game developer. She blogs about game production, monetization, and other topics at


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